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  1. Shiny new layout! It's so clean and gorgeous! And blue! And it has a rollover sidebar!! I love it!
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  2. TV! Since it's been a while and I'm lazy, here are my six-word reviews of the shows from the last week:

    • The Good Wife 1x05, "Crash": Dan Rydell, minor league pitcher? Yay!!!

    • Glee 1x08, "Mash-Up": Puck and Rachel? Sign me up!

    • Grey's Anatomy 6x06, "I Saw What I Saw": No Izzie; Chief smacked down. Outstanding.

    • Smallville 9x05, "Roulette": Michael Douglas movie knock-off; Chloe's creepy.

    • Ugly Betty 4x03, "Blue on Blue": The Daniel-and-Betty show's heartwarming.

    • White Collar 1x01, "Pilot": Banter! Competence! Suits! Oh, BOYS. Smitten!

    • Mad Men 3x11, "The Gypsy and the Hobo": Holy shit! Did that just happen?

    • Gossip Girl 3x07, "How to Succeed in Bassness": Blair's full-on crazy again? Yawn.
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I have a huge project due in tomorrow morning, and I'm only about 80% done.

...naturally, this is the perfect time to discuss TV.

First, though, if you haven't seen the How I Met Your Mother gag reel (hat-tip to [ profile] irishmizzy), it pretty much wins the internet, so go see it now. Release the berserker!!!!

Smallville 9x01: Savior )

The Good Wife 1x01: Pilot
I have nothing major to say about this, except: Josh Charles yay! Christine Baranski yay! Jenn's grandmother on Dawson's Creek DOUBLE YAY!! I'm cautiously optimistic; a lot of people have warned me that the show is likely to turn into a legal procedural instead of remaining focused on Juliana Margulies's character. In the meantime, though, I enjoyed the pilot a lot.
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I just came back from a watching Madam Butterfly with some clients at the English National Opera, and it was GLORIOUS! )

Check out the video, which gives some hint of the gem that was this production:

What a splendid evening! And, as the cherry on top, I secured another meeting with the clients! Go me!

And now, on to the fic rec:

  • Smallville: Repent at Leisure, by [ profile] rivkat (Clark/Lex; NC-17)
    Marry in haste...

    Clark and Lex get married, and it's exactly as fraught and hot and all-around awesome as you'd expect it to be. Bonus points for actually smart and competent!Clark and perfectly characterised!Lois.

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I cannot get over how much I've been enjoying Season 8 of Smallville, and particularly the deepening of Lois and Clark's snarky, sexy relationship (seriously, guys, how did this show get so good again? It's so much fun! Clark? All grown up and still gorgeous! Tess? Eeeeeeeeeevil and deliciously complicated! Lois? All professional and awesome and so abrasive but totally adorable. Chloe? Still the heart. I just... MY CHEESY SHOW IS BACK!).

I'm in the mood for some Smallville-verse Clark/Lois fics, so rec me! Long and plotty, short and porny, and everything in between; friendship stories, partners-in-crime stories, just anything with the two of them. Bring it!

edit: And icons! Guys, I have no Clark/Lois icons! And, for that matter, all my Smallville icons are out of rotation, and I can't find them. So rec me some icons as well!
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I haven't had a chance to see Supernatural, Ugly Betty or The O.C.. This is making me very cranky. I did manage to see Grey's Anatomy and Smallville, though.

Grey's Anatomy )

Smallville )

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