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Heh, looking at my rec-list, the running theme appears to be powerful, talented and competent women, which makes me so happy.

Give Me Everything (Parks & Recreation; Leslie and her relationships with the cohort of amazing women in her life; in every way a delight!)

Titanium (Wonder Woman)

Hadippa! (Chakh De!; Yay sports movies! A perfect and joyous celebration of all the things the movie stood for: female friendships, dedication and teamwork.)

Killer Queen (Red)

Rondo (Sense & Sensibility; wonderful use of jump-cuts to suit the tone and tempo of the music)

Va Va Voom (A League of Their Own; fast and fun. (Also, can you tell that I like sports movies about female athletes?)

Smoke and Mirrors (Mad Men)

Seven Devils (Kings)

Vid rec: Up

Jan. 4th, 2011 11:46 pm
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Fireflies, by [ profile] talitha78 (Dug; G)
I'd like to make myself believe...

perfectly sums up how I feel about this vid. I had mixed feelings about Up; like everyone else, my heart broke within the first fifteen minutes of the film, and I couldn't fully recover after that. But this vid... Oh, this vid. It makes me so completely, resplendantly happy. Dug! He's awesome! And he makes everyone around him awesome too!

Go, watch, and tell [ profile] talitha78 what a genius she is!

Vid rec

Sep. 1st, 2008 08:07 pm
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  • Stargate: Atlantis: 2 Atoms in a Molecule (or Why John Sheppard is an Emotional Simpleton), by [ profile] zoetrope (John/Rodney; G)

    The subtitle if the vid doesn't do it justice; brilliant, visually arresting, and side-splittingly funny video of the way John processes emotions.

    Warning: This video contains clips up to and including the episode 5x06 'The Shrine' and (for the really spoiler-phobic) a promo pic from a future episode used though the context is cut out. So if you haven't seen the episode, or are particularly spoiler-sensitive, wait a while.

    And, as ever, after you've watched, don't forget to give [ profile] zoetrope some feedback!
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So I was feeling really, really under the weather, but lo! I came across this, and it is MADE OF AWESOME:
  • How I Met Your Mother: What I Like About You, by [ profile] dollsome (Barney/Robin, PG)

    Utterly adorable, dancy and fun video of Barney and Robin, and captures all of their cute, silly, and sexy moments together.

    Warning: This vid contains clips from 'Sandcastles in the Sand', and therefore contains spoilers.

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I'm not here. Really.

It's very late, and I have to sleeeeeeeep.

But if I were here, I'd tell you to go and see this:

Petrelli's Eleven. I'd give much to see this movie made. So very much.

Vid recs

Mar. 3rd, 2007 08:42 am
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I'm feeling terribly blah these past few days, what with no new TV and various RL things, but these made me grin madly and you will too:
  • Supernatural: Crash, by [ profile] michaela3105 (Sam/Dean; R).

    This vid is sublime: the song choice, the use of the 'little moment' clips as well as the more celebrated ones, and did I mention that there's KISSING? Yeah, thought that might make an impression. *g*
    Go, watch, then tell [ profile] michaela3105 how awesome she is.

  • Supernatural: God's Gonna Cut You Down, by [ profile] sometimesophie (Dean, evil Sam).

    [ profile] sometimesophie does a really great job of making Sam menacing (and she didn't even have clips from "Born Under a Bad Sign" to help her because this vid was made before that episode aired, which makes her a genius, basically). But this vid is way more than just deliciously evil Sam, it's about Dean, and his obligation to Sam: to save him, and to kill him if he has to. Fantastic.

  • Multifandom: Us, by [ profile] lim. (Various characters).

    This glorious paean to fandom, to everyone who makes it a better, joyful experience, is guaranteed to make you smile. It's also one of the most technically and conceptually accomplished vids I've ever seen: no details because I'm not going to spoil it for you, but [ profile] lim actually shows how fans look at source material, she makes that tangible. Run, don't walk. And then fangirl her madly, because it is just that awesome.
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Vid rec, Gilmore Girls: One Line, by [ profile] proofpudding (Rory/Dean).

A beautifully done summary of Rory and Dean's relationship. The vid is unfolds gradually, and is done in flashback. Gorgeous.
When you're done, throw [ profile] proofpudding some love: leave feedback.
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People, how could you not tell me that Heroes was so awesome? You're all fired. I'm only up to episode four, so no spoiling. Reaction posts forthcoming...

Anyway. Once again, it that day of the week that isn't Tuesday, and we have no Friday Night Lights, so I come bearing links.

1. Recs, recs, recs:
  • Friday Night Lights: A Little Bit of Paint-by-Numbers, by [ profile] them0rgue (Matt, gen).
    He’s not like Landry, always ready with words of any kind. There’s not really an appropriate apology to give someone who will spend an entire Saturday afternoon with his grandma, even when that someone thinks he’s crossed over to the dark side.

    Gorgeous, gorgeous fic. Matt, and the people who love him best. [ profile] them0rgue's grasp of details, the trivial minutiae that make up their lives, is what brings these people to life. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

  • Friday Night Lights: Five Things Jason Street Was the First to Say, by [ profile] hth_the_first ( Jason/Tim/Lyla, R).
    OT3 fic at its finest. With angst-fest that is canon right now, it's a relief to see such an elegant solution to the Jason-Lyla-Tim situation in fic.

  • Friday Night Lights: Cross That Bridge, by [ profile] poisontaster (Tim/Jason, PG-13).
    I have so much admiration for this fic. It's a drabble, but [ profile] poisontaster perfectly captures Tim, and his feelings for Jason. Go and give her feedback here.

  • Friday Night Lights: All The Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands, by [ profile] hackthis (Tim, Jason, PG-13).
    Heat and boys swimming and illicit touching, oh my! Tim, Jason and the entire fotball team, trying to cool down between practices. Funny and bittersweet and hot, despite the rating. Oh, my heart.

  • Vid rec, Supernatural: One Week, by [ profile] ficbyzee (Sam, Dean).
    Brilliant, fun vid of Sam and Dean, their life on the road, and their relationship. The song choice is inspired, and Zee is a genius with the timeline: the quick cuts, the zigzagging narrative and the fast-forward style of the vid make this one of the most technically accomplished vids I've seen in a long time. Go and squee at her, for she is made of awesomecakes.

2. Masi Oka pwns everyone and everything. But then, you all knew that. The man drowned George Clooney! And he's a Brown graduate who can speak fluent Japanese and, seriously, there are little hearts where my eyes should be right now.

3. Speaking of fiendishly cool castmembers of Heroes, Congressman Hotass Petrelli canvassed on the Megan Mullally show. Oh, Adrian Pasdar, marry me. (Warning: this has some spoiler of the most recent episode, apparently. I fast-forwarded through it, but you have been warned.)

4. ...and to round off the set: Save the beef jerky, save the world? Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, but IF YOU SAY SO, MEGAN.

5. Okay, this is now the ANTHEM of slash pairings everywhere. *nod nod* I will it so.

Now, on to more Heroes...

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