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Jan. 4th, 2011 11:46 pm
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Fireflies, by [ profile] talitha78 (Dug; G)
I'd like to make myself believe...

perfectly sums up how I feel about this vid. I had mixed feelings about Up; like everyone else, my heart broke within the first fifteen minutes of the film, and I couldn't fully recover after that. But this vid... Oh, this vid. It makes me so completely, resplendantly happy. Dug! He's awesome! And he makes everyone around him awesome too!

Go, watch, and tell [ profile] talitha78 what a genius she is!
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I went to see The Social Network yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Jesse Eisenberg was a complete revelation: he did such a good job of making me not want to root for Mark; he was mesmerizing, and didn't feel the need to soften the edges of the character at all. And Andrew Garfield! A++ work; I am now on board with him in the Spider-Man reboot.

In honour of the first really good film I've seen in months*, have a rec:

Secret Video Diary of a Billionaire, by [ profile] sturmundwank (Mark/Eduardo; PG-13)

I have no idea what I did to offend you. But it’s very clear that you’re doing everything in your power to offend me.

I am offended by your vast underestimation of my power to offend.

The author so perfectly captures the Mark Zuckerberg that we saw in the film: self-entitled and brilliant and cruel as only he can be. And don't let the screenplay format put you off; it's actually the best part of the fic, and is put to excellent use: the staccato dialogue and shifting back and forth between past and present inter-connected narratives are both utterly Sorkin-esque.

Go, read, and beg for a sequel!

* Yes, yes, you Inception lot, I haven't seen it yet. I know I'm probably the last person on the planet, but I'm getting there!
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Late realization: the Dixie Chicks rock1.

I just saw Shut Up and Sing, and damn, I am just so amazed by the Dixie Chicks' courage of their convictions, and humour and determination they displayed under pressure in the aftermath of their comment about Bush. It's so easy now to look back at their stance with the benefit of hindsight and know that they were vindicated, but they certainly didn't know that, and they did it anyway.

More than anything else, the solidarity of the three in the face of financial pressure, condemnation and honest-to-god death threats, this absolute faith in and reliance on each other... it just made me so verklempt. Check it out:

It's been a long time since I've been a fan of Heroes, or even a casual viewer, but I remember the first time I watched it, and thinking, "Damn, Adrian Pasdar's cool! His wife's lucky to have him." Having watched Shut Up and Sing, I think that goes for him ten-fold: Natalie Maines is an amazing woman.

In conclusion: the Dixie Chicks - they pass the Bechdel test of LIFE.

1 Okay, to be fair, I've known this about their music for a while; this isn't one of those "Guys, I've discovered this new thing called chocolate and I think it's going to be REALLY BIG!" situations2.
2 Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens far too often to me for my liking.
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The Frost/Nixon trailer's up, and it is AWESOME. I GOT CHILLS. Go watch it now!

I remember watching this at the West End, and it was utterly brilliant. When it was announced that they were turning it into a movie, I was really skeptical; the format seemed particularly suited to a play, not a movie, but all my doubts are gone, because MY GOD. BLOWN AWAY. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I heart my political movies!
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So. Casino Royale. My glee cannot be textually rendered, but: YAY!

I wasn't really on board with Daniel Craig when he was announced as the new Bond, but he really nailed it. Eva Green was outstanding ("I'm the money." "Every penny of it." Heeee!) and she actually had chemistry with Bond which I haven't seen in a very long time. Judi Dench was - per usual - brilliant as well.

I had all kinds of meta about the film, but I'm still all squeeful, so here, have a rec instead:

Queen of Spades by [ profile] astolat. Bond/M, NC-17. Yep, it's that pairing, and you know what, it really does work. And it's very, very hot. Plus, it's Shalott, and she's amazing, what more could you ask for? Don't forget to give her feedback here.

And when you're done with that, go read [ profile] cesperanza's juicy, juicy meta about it: gender roles and the female body as a source of power.

Now I need to find some pictures of Daniel Craig is Speedos. Mmm...


Sep. 20th, 2006 10:02 pm
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So I went to see The Black Dahlia last night and here be mildly spoilery discussion. And much ranting. )

I also saw Little Miss Sunshine recently and it was great. Spoilers ahead... )

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