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As of the 28th of March, the New York Times is switching to a payment model whereby any user who wants to read more than 20 articles a month has to pay for the right to read them. As a long-time online NYT subscriber, I find it sad that the Times, one of the last reputable free news sources, is moving away from ad-revenue-only model. The main exceptions to this rule, however, are articles on the front page and section fronts, and articles linked to in blogs or emails. So here are a few stories I found interesting.**:

Judge Rejects Google’s Deal to Digitize Books. There go Google's plans to create a super-library. Excellent points on orphan works and copyright. Interesting side-note: Judge Denny Chin is the same judge who sentenced Bernard Madoff to a 150-year sentence.

American universities' Humanities departments are using virtual recreations and other digitized methods of teaching. Great stuff.

Mad Men's 5th Season Start Date Is Uncertain Looks like we won't see Mad Men till 2012. Siiiiigh...

And finally: Gorgeous slideshow of the birds of India, and the accompanying article.

**NOTE: in order not to spam everyone with these posts, I'll be creating a filter for NYT links posts. Comment if you want to be added.

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