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I have a huge project due in tomorrow morning, and I'm only about 80% done.

...naturally, this is the perfect time to discuss TV.

First, though, if you haven't seen the How I Met Your Mother gag reel (hat-tip to [ profile] irishmizzy), it pretty much wins the internet, so go see it now. Release the berserker!!!!

Smallville 9x01: Savior )

The Good Wife 1x01: Pilot
I have nothing major to say about this, except: Josh Charles yay! Christine Baranski yay! Jenn's grandmother on Dawson's Creek DOUBLE YAY!! I'm cautiously optimistic; a lot of people have warned me that the show is likely to turn into a legal procedural instead of remaining focused on Juliana Margulies's character. In the meantime, though, I enjoyed the pilot a lot.
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So, my TV schedule allows me to have no life, basically. SIXTEEN HOURS, PEOPLE!
Behold, the shiny, colourful grid of MADNESS! )

Red: must-see TV
Orange: second picks
Yellow: DVR/see later in the week
Blue: guilty pleasures

Mad Men: Disappointed me thus far in the season, but I've yet to see The New Girl, so we'll see.
Entourage: Needs to pick up the pace this year. Last season spent far too much time on Billy Walsh's shenanigans; don't they know that we watch for Eric and Vince mooning over each other, and the gang having fun? And Ari and Lloyd bickering, obviously. :D
Desperate Housewives: I think this is one of the only shows I know that has improved exponentially over time. I loved last season; the plot, while overblown as ever, was actually compelling, and the girls got to hang out with each other a lot more than previous seasons. The phenomenal Dana Delaney really added a lot to the show, and I think I enjoyed Season 4 the most of any season of Desperate Housewives. I'm totally on board for the coming season. Time jump, yay!
Gossip Girl: I haven't forgotten The O.C.'s spectacular meltdown in the second season, and Josh Schwartz is really on notice. I'd say I'm cautiously optimistic, though I would love to be surprised into having as much fun as I had last season.
Heroes: I actually dropped out halfway through the last season, so I might be a bit lost at the start of Season 3. The promos look awesome, though, and I'm going to give it three to four episodes to see if it's improved over Season 2's blahness.
One Tree Hill: Oh, teenage guilty pleasure of my heart! How did you secretly improve, or at least hit my bulletproof narrative kinks this year? Brooke/Peyton bonding, and Lucas supporting Brooke in a completely non-douchey way, Brooke's bitch-queen mother... It's all good.
House and Grey's Anatomy: After almost a season, I'm psyched for both of them again. All the main relationships in both are at the forefront again (or they will be for at least the beginning of the season): House and Wilson, House and Cuddy; Callie and Hahn. Yay for Cristina getting her mojo back!
Private Practice: This show really exerts the 'can't look away, even though it's heinous' fascination for me. So many good actors wasted! Even Kate Walsh is depressing to watch. Addison's to spineless and dithery on this show; pale shades of The Mistress of All That is Evil. I'm giving it two episodes to inprove.
Friday Night Lights: The recent casting shakeup's made me re-think this show a bit, because it affects two of my favourite characters. I'll wait and see. :|

I'm looking forward to the rest; most of the other shows were either new and stopped at a good cliffhanger (Chuck, Pushing Daisies, Terminator), so I want to see if they can keep the momentum going in their second seasons, or were already consistently funny (30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother). I actually think 90210 will really suck, but I want to try something new; might as well be something that will get cancelled quickly so I don't get too attached, right?
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So I was feeling really, really under the weather, but lo! I came across this, and it is MADE OF AWESOME:
  • How I Met Your Mother: What I Like About You, by [ profile] dollsome (Barney/Robin, PG)

    Utterly adorable, dancy and fun video of Barney and Robin, and captures all of their cute, silly, and sexy moments together.

    Warning: This vid contains clips from 'Sandcastles in the Sand', and therefore contains spoilers.


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