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Heh, looking at my rec-list, the running theme appears to be powerful, talented and competent women, which makes me so happy.

Give Me Everything (Parks & Recreation; Leslie and her relationships with the cohort of amazing women in her life; in every way a delight!)

Titanium (Wonder Woman)

Hadippa! (Chakh De!; Yay sports movies! A perfect and joyous celebration of all the things the movie stood for: female friendships, dedication and teamwork.)

Killer Queen (Red)

Rondo (Sense & Sensibility; wonderful use of jump-cuts to suit the tone and tempo of the music)

Va Va Voom (A League of Their Own; fast and fun. (Also, can you tell that I like sports movies about female athletes?)

Smoke and Mirrors (Mad Men)

Seven Devils (Kings)

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