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I went to see The Social Network yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Jesse Eisenberg was a complete revelation: he did such a good job of making me not want to root for Mark; he was mesmerizing, and didn't feel the need to soften the edges of the character at all. And Andrew Garfield! A++ work; I am now on board with him in the Spider-Man reboot.

In honour of the first really good film I've seen in months*, have a rec:

Secret Video Diary of a Billionaire, by [ profile] sturmundwank (Mark/Eduardo; PG-13)

I have no idea what I did to offend you. But it’s very clear that you’re doing everything in your power to offend me.

I am offended by your vast underestimation of my power to offend.

The author so perfectly captures the Mark Zuckerberg that we saw in the film: self-entitled and brilliant and cruel as only he can be. And don't let the screenplay format put you off; it's actually the best part of the fic, and is put to excellent use: the staccato dialogue and shifting back and forth between past and present inter-connected narratives are both utterly Sorkin-esque.

Go, read, and beg for a sequel!

* Yes, yes, you Inception lot, I haven't seen it yet. I know I'm probably the last person on the planet, but I'm getting there!

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