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Hi guys!

Rumours of my death dearth of posting have been greatly exaggerated, for lo! I come with a rec. And not just any rec, a rec of SPARKLY MAGICAL GREATNESS!

MODE: Final Issue!, by [ profile] yahtzee63 (Betty/Daniel, PG-13)
The past presents the future. You carry the best of what was into what will be.

I was reluctant to post a quote, because it was hard to pick the single one that would adequately encapsulate the sheer amazingness of this fic. It does justice to every character (Betty! Amanda! Marc! Justin!), and appreciates all that Ugly Betty was: not just the inventiveness and wackiness, but the characters and their ability to love, learn, change and grow. And, in the grand tradition of Betty, it's flat-out hilarious.

Go, read it immediately, and then tell [ profile] yahtzee63 how fantastic it is!
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