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I have a huge project due in tomorrow morning, and I'm only about 80% done.

...naturally, this is the perfect time to discuss TV.

First, though, if you haven't seen the How I Met Your Mother gag reel (hat-tip to [ profile] irishmizzy), it pretty much wins the internet, so go see it now. Release the berserker!!!!

Smallville 9x01: Savior
  • KNEEL BEFORE ZOD, BABY! I like the fact that he's only a Major, that his personality's not set in stone yet.

  • LOIS! How so awesome?
    • Wow, does Lois have chemistry with everyone! She still sparks like hell with Oliver (that scene between them really made me grin; she knows him so well, and she knows that reverse psychology will work), her scenes with Brian Austen Green had that adversarial zing. and then there's Clark. Speaking of whom...

    • She stuck up for Clark!! Oh, my heart!

    • Lois and the Blur: I have nothing but pure, unadulterated love. I can't remember the last time there was a het couple on TV that had quite so much chemistry as these two. And this season's the season that they're going to go there! I can't wait!

  • CHLOE! I wasn't happy with the direction that the SV writers took her in last season, but I was very happy that her characterisation was consistent with the fallout of Jimmy's death. Chloe is absolutely not dealing with his death at all: she's still bargaining with Clark, she has no problems with Dr. Hamilton (HI GAETA, HI!!) "getting straight down to work" as that's the only thing that will keep her sane. It's notable that reason that she's so switched-on in the first half of the episode is because Lois's disappearance gives her a sense of purpose; when Lois comes back, there's nothing to distract from Jimmy's death, and her part in it. So while I'm not happy with her outburst with Clark, at least it matches what we've seen of her in the last season. I do think, though, that the writers are going to use Chloe's role as the 'Watchtower' as her expiation of her role in Jimmy's death. We'll see...

  • Some spec about Alia-the-sword-wielding-Kryptonian: I think a year from now, Clark tells her to try and stop him, and gives her Jonathan's watch so that she can prove to present-day Clark that what she's telling him the truth. Obviously, she hates him for suposedly 'destroying Krypton', but I think that she apologises to him because she failed to kill him, as Clark wanted her to.

The Good Wife 1x01: Pilot
I have nothing major to say about this, except: Josh Charles yay! Christine Baranski yay! Jenn's grandmother on Dawson's Creek DOUBLE YAY!! I'm cautiously optimistic; a lot of people have warned me that the show is likely to turn into a legal procedural instead of remaining focused on Juliana Margulies's character. In the meantime, though, I enjoyed the pilot a lot.
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