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Sep. 27th, 2009 12:26 am
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Mad Men: Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency
  • AHAHAHAHA! You guys, they punned! I LOVE IT! Oh, Weiner, you magnificent bastard!

  • JOAN!!! Joan, Joan, Joan:

    • I will give a prize to the person who figures out the quickest and most efficient way to kill off Rapist!Greg. 'Nuff said.

    • Ditto John Hooker... though he did redeem himself somewhat with the line about Paul shaving... hee!

    • Go lifesaver Joan! Ironic that she's the one who saved Guy's life, while her husband's the patient killer.

    • The scene between Don and Joan is one that I have been waiting for since "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes". These are two people who are fiercely professional, know the importance of understanding the rules of the game (whether to excel at it or break the rules), and have enormous respect for each other. In a different world, one where they both weren't so committed to the idea of 'normal', they would be perfect for each other.
      "Despite the circus today, I hope you know that you are going to be terribly missed."

      "That's nice to hear... Especially from you, Don."

      It's such a telling detail that the only time Joan ever allows herself to use Don's first name is on the day that she's on her way out.

    • The scene that really made me tear up, though, was between Joan and Peggy. They aren't friends, and never were... But Joan's been one of the major milestones against which Peggy measures her success, whether through imitation (as in the first few episodes), or in opposition to Joan's philosophy. And no matter how far Peggy's come, Joan is the one she always turns to for advice, even as recently as a couple of episodes ago, when she needed help finding a roommate. To see Peggy acknowledge that, and so gracefully, made me all sniffly.

    • In conclusion: the amount of time Joan is in an episode is directly proportional to how awesome the episode is. In other words: Bring her back pretty damn sharpish, writers. YOU'RE ON NOTICE.

Glee: Preggers

    Find your voice, stomp that yard... All that crap!

  • How so adorable, Kurt? HE WANTED SENSIBLE HEELS!! His scene with his dad was great: his dad doesn't get him at all, but he does support him. I adored the fact that Kurt got to be on the football team, actually be good and win the game... I really don't want this to be a dropped plot point; I'd like to see Kurt stick with football, since he does appear to have some talent as a kicker.

  • Rachel is the best singer, and she does want it the most. But she's in a collaborative effort, and she can't always be the soloist. Suck it up. I agree with Artie: her storming out is getting old.

  • Re: Quinn's pregnancy... eh. On one hand, it's nice to see that she has some layers: it's getting really tiring seeing all the women on the show portrayed as shrill and manipulative, and Quinn really is scared and acting out of desperation here...On the other hand, anyone who's ever watched TV before knew that Terri's going to try and make a play for the baby. It makes Terri seem like a dreadful person (which is one step forward, ten steps back... and it's disappointing, given how supportive she seemed of Acafellas in the last episode), and both Finn and Will seem naive at best and stupid at worst.
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